Now What ?

Mousetraps, doormats
White trash, poor heart
Give in, fight back
Time's short, breathe fast

Big dreams, short leash
Dried tears, razer sharp
Waking up, moving on
so cruel, feet hurts

No truth, only gain
All chance, by-pass
Be practical, individual
Shoo away, trust's fallacy

Morphine, breaks down
Drown in, crash out
Whacky dreams, fresh wounds
Dark lanes, new friends

Alice's back, rabbit too
Spade laughs, cat purrs
who's first, apple or the bee
Ping pong, bubble bursts

Guitar strings, choir sings
Green light, same notes
I remember, still feels
Round life, square wish

Black bags, open cages
Crossed legs, bruised souls
Light beckons, another day
Fly away, being sucks

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