Love stories..

Ever noticed that most of the love stories are told from the point of view of ex-lovers. We rarely hear stories which go like "We were madly in love, we are still together, love is beautiful". Instead most of them sound like "those were the best days, we had a great time, but then it all turned upside down.. I still long for a touch, a kiss, a hug.." and so on. Why is it that no great stories are written about 'being in love'? The following are a few of the possibilities I could think of...

- My assumption is wrong. I haven't read enough to reach such a conclusion!
- Being in love is no big story, only when you throw in a few heartbreaks and agony into the mix will you get an interesting story.
- Those in love have no time to write about it, they are busy experiencing it. The ones who screw up has all the time in the world.
- Writers are morons and are too hesitant to commit and always wriggle out of a relationship or get ditched.
- Those who commit easily to a relationship and stay put in it are unimaginative jerks.
- Those who are rejected in love write about it to make pot shots at the other party, before he/she gets their version of the story out.
- Writing about failure is a good way to put it in perspective and learn about the mistakes.
- Writing a story is all you can do when you actually lose it.
- Nobody is interested in reading how someone else is having a good time; stories on breakups and failed relationships are modern day confidence boosters.
- There are far more people who get thrown out of relationships than those who survive in them, so proportionately more stories will come from them.
- It is our habit to whine about spilled milk!

It can also be that we don't realize the worth of love enough to write about it, till we get out of it. Is it because we can't realize the value of things in the absence of a reference point? Unless we pass through the post-love agony, we fail to appreciate the joy of being in love. As someone rightly said, 'All good things in life need to be disturbed, for us to realize their real worth' - money, health, love, sleep.. you name it. It probably has something to do with our inability to comprehend some things, no matter how much we try.. like the chemical reactions at atomic level or gravitational interactions between the galaxies. We as a species is designed to understand things at certain levels, while the rest of the spectrum is beyond our comprehension. Is it why the wise men already phrased it as 'falling' in love and not 'engaging' in love, as we are not making a conscious, informed decision here?

And again, how good is a story without a proper ending? Stories which conclude with statements like 'and they lived happily ever after' are good to listen to, but leave you kind of empty, wanting for more. Continuous tense is a bad choice to end a story according to me, unless you are planning a sequel.


Anonymous said...

Fall in love dude! Love is a beautiful feeling that will come to you softly and you when you least expect it. People with no lasting love, never had love between them in the first place. It was probably by the looks or any other material priorities at point of time. So, its not a wander as to why they forgot that they ever had an attraction between them. It is one great feeling that you can only understand when you are experiencing it. So, look out!

attiDuDe said...

Nothing against love! Just wondering why there is less literature on love than lost-love.

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