Daily Family Prayer !

A family that prays together stays together. I don't think any sane soul will disagree with this statement. The only argument would be whether the big deal is really about 'prayer' or 'togetherness'. There are folks who argue that replacing 'pray' with 'bray' would invariably bring in the same positive results, as long as 'together' stays put. But there are others who vouch for 'prayer' being the key element, together or not.

Daily prayer for some, is a tool to touch base, interact with, and source energy from the divine. Ritual implementation of the same is expected to bring in blessings or benefits from a higher force; in this world or the other. For others it is an exercise that brings the family together, keeping the members focused on a common activity for a while, thereby bringing in synchronization and unity.

Actually daily prayer is an activity which both the parties can partake without any real conflict of interests. It is akin to two people engaging in a game of badminton, but for different reasons - one as a means of entertainment while the other as a mechanism for weight loss. We cannot argue that one of them enjoys the game more than the other, due to this varied approach and expectations; nor is one of them 'the right way' with respect to the game.

Benefits of doing things together have been researched and re-researched by folks for decades together, and there is no dearth of data substantiating the same. Most of us do follow these findings one way or other in our daily life as well. Why else do students and teams wear uniforms? Why do soldiers march, and not just walk from place to place? All these gimmicks - similar color or behavior so to speak - are mere tools to trick our brain into the feeling of togetherness and the comfort that comes with it.

Why would someone ever come up with weird associations or explanations like this? Peaceful coexistence, I say. Try getting married for a start! :)

Random Disjoint Thoughts !

- Faith can make people do wonders. They walk into dangers or difficult situations without a second thought. Those who survive live to tell the tales of their bravery, throwing in the story of their visit to St. Coconut as well. The perished, who also had visited the above saint, are excluded from all the statistics. Its always a win-win proposition for the saint and the faith he represents.

- A question is exciting anytime while the answer is always a disappointment; irrespective of whether its in favor, as expected, or is pleasing. Journey is always the pleasure, an unknown destination need not be.

Sex Flies and Videotapes

I have recently moved into a new house from the one which was my home for the last 6 years. I did not 'feel' much about the move nor do I miss the place much. But I do miss someone.. cockroaches. I had written about them quite a few times before, but rarely in a fond tone. In hindsight, I wasn't perhaps spot on with my analyses always!

FLIES: I am no expert on cockroaches. But if sharing a living space with a few dozen of them for a few years can be construed as expertise-by-virtue-of-observation, then I think I am qualified to say a few things about them. After all these are creatures that repeatedly reminded me that I am not alone in here (in addition to the bank guys who call every time I miss an EMI) at times through display of camaraderie of the extreme kind - like getting on top of me at the weirdest hours of the night. I have seen the birth and death of generations of them in the last few years. Only at times of extreme annoyance that I have resorted to harm them in any way, squashing a few in rage using whatever that comes handy.

SEX: I say roaches have a healthy social behavior, especially if you observe them during those days of courtship and mating. They come out in huge numbers from hiding, making me feel like I am an alien inhabiting a planet of the roaches. I have even suspected at times that the congregation is hatching malicious plans to kill and eat me. This was in the early days when I mistook their elaborate matchmaking ceremonies as preparation for war. Only when, weeks later, I noticed offsprings running around from under every fallen object on the floor, that I realized the significance and magnanimity of those gatherings. From then on I made it a point to give them a wide berth during those nights, by shifting my bed to the other room; and they were understanding enough to restrict their amorous excursions outside of it. I started respecting roaches as a species.

Pluto, my neighbor's cat, also took a while before turning into an ardent roach admirer. He used to torment them by running them over or scratching them out of their hiding places, stopping just short of having them for snack. But then he realized the power of roaches as a species during the 2010 Worldcup Football tournament, when they predicted the outcome of every match as accurately as Paul the Octopus. Much more amazing was his hypothesis of them using Collective Intelligence. Pluto is now the Al Gore of the Roach planet, crusading for honor and glory of the roaches. I have to admit I have much awe and respect for the species after this incident. Yes I do miss the roaches!

VIDEOTAPES: Oh, I just included that in the title for the effect!
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