JOB or WORK..?

What makes life interesting? A difficult question to answer, but mostly its these small things that keep happening 'everyday' that make it less boring and exciting. We spend almost 70% of our day's time at work, and that makes 'work' an important factor that makes or breaks life... That's too much of a time to put up with a boring job or compromise on the fun factor of it. This is exactly the reason why I am super excited about my job. Though I too have my days of tension and time lines & targets to meet, work has fortunately turned out to be so much of fun. What else should I say when I am getting paid for learning more bout music... forget about exploring and listening to new music and obscure artists. Getting to interact with legendary and upcoming artists is always the bonus... performance incentive..!!

I grew up on a healthy diet of Beatles, Boney M, Eagles, Jim Reeves and Cliff Richards. I am forever indebted to my Dad for introducing me to these legendary artists who still remain my favorites, though the list has undergone some inorganic growth thereafter. The beautiful music they made was more than enough to plug me permanently to this amazing phenomena. My admiration and interest in music was very much alive from that day, though I never thought it is going to play a bigger part in my life. When I chose to play Drums as a kid, it was more out of passion than any intention to make a living out of music. Probably I thought of giving a good accompaniment to my Dad who used to play the guitar and the Harmonica. But then came career aspirations and active music life took a back seat. But when an opportunity came up to switch jobs and take up something to do with music, I did not think twice and here I am.. as happy as the time when I played my first song on Dad's Hohner ..!!

I am with a team, working towards bringing the different stakeholders of the music industry to a common platform - the artists, music lovers, the taste-makers and the facilitators. I get to interact with musicians who range from legendary rock stars to proponents of obscure(for me) styles like Trip Hop and Soukous. I had my share of exciting experiences - right from talking to the members of the Rock band that was next only to the Beatles in the 70s, to working with Grammy award winners. That's enough to take me through everyday.. making work interesting, not a slog. I know there is no great 'philo' in all this, just the fun of doing something you like.

That brings up an interesting point.. can all jobs be made interesting by finding people who enjoy doing that..? Matching up right job with right people can ideally bring about such a situation where everyone is happy. But can we find people for all sort of profiles?... people who genuinely love to go out in the sun and sell things.. or those who love to keep accounts, just to name some. I am not talking about making profiles exciting by attaching a hefty pay packet to it, thereby 'motivating' people to take them up. It all sounds too much like a Utopian concept..!!

The law of disproportionate distribution (whatever heck that is..!!) will make sure that there wont be enough of 'ideal' profiles/talent, forcing people/profiles to settle for the second best preferences, making the situation no different from what it is today.

mmmm... not a ground breaking proposition, I agree.

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