When things go wrong...

Things go wrong in life, they always do. If it is not happening with you better see a doctor, you might be just some unfulfilled wish trapped inside a corpse and not a real person. When they go wrong, the effect on life can be profound. There are two reasons for things going wrong - unforeseen, unavoidable situations beyond our control and judgmental errors. The first category leaves us disturbed but we learn to take it in the stride as we move along, without much trouble or after effects. It is category two that sucks the "life" out of life most of the times.

When things go wrong as a result of bad judgment, you have nobody else to blame except yourself. Judgments are usually made based on three factors - available information/facts, convictions and beliefs. It is easy to blame "facts" for an err in judgment and it can often be the case too. But there are times when you clearly know that the outcome points a finger right at your convictions and beliefs and that's when it all start to shake and shiver. That's when you realize your dreams and ideas were so full of shit.

If convictions or beliefs lead to one wrong judgment, the chances are that they are inherently faulty. That shows trouble with the way you arrive at conclusions; the way you perceive reality. When you realize so late in life that your convictions and beliefs betrayed you, it is not something you can just ignore and go to sleep. It turns your world upside down, because you lived your life and even planned ahead on the foundations of these convictions. If they don't hold good you have the burden of reconfiguring your entire life. It is easier said than done.

Things you believed in and values you so cherished will suddenly start looking blurred and shaky. They don't give you the comfort and consolation they used to provide before. You suddenly start feeling like this idiot who followed a less traveled path only to find out in the end that it leads nowhere. I am sure that the things I believed in, the ones I cared for in life are true and genuine; probably I got too entangled in their aura that I almost missed out on the rest of the world coming crashing on me.

But I feel none of us have ever had a life lesson from having done something correctly. They really come when we make an error and deal with the consequences of that error. That’s how you learn. So probably its OK to fail and fall down. But deep inside you know some lessons are not worth learning that way, considering the cost attached to it. But that's how life works. It is by default a great tragedy.. all you can do is to mix it up with comedy wherever possible, as Shakespeare did.!!

Sometimes we only live for the here and now
Sometimes we're lonely
Sometimes we feel we need a place to be grounded
Or fly away again
- 'Spiral' , Godsmack

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