Elegy on the death of a dream..

When the festival and feast are all over
the lights all blink out and fall over

When the near and dear ones are gone
and you face life eye to eye all alone

Ask yourself who you are, what you want
what you have done and how you feel in the end

Answers will start popping out of nowhere
like stars in the sky come twinkling out of somewhere

Then you realise what went wrong
what you lost, passed you so long

Its too lame to regret, too far to get back
too strong to confront and too late to fight back

Moments once lost will never take you back
treasures are lost once you turn your back

Faces you cared and dreams that you reared
are gone for ever, leaving a mind so scared

Had lot of dreams that never came true
but glad I am for them, never feeling blue

You reap what you sow, weep if you flaw
and scars remain to show what fortunes you let go

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