My Bucket List...

Life is like babies - gets messy pretty fast if left unattended. It takes no time for it to start stinking with boredom. Like broiler chicken we recognize/acknowledge only a few activities these days: 9-6 office, television, sleep and an occasional trip to the mall. Anything short of a nuclear war or a first round exit of Federer from Wimbledon amuses or excites us no more. Its always good to have inspirations to push and milestones or destinations to pull life along.

That is why I created my own wish list of things for life, kind of a Bucket List. They are the things I want to accomplish before I kick the bucket. I know most of them are 'Big Hairy Audacious Goals', but as a Latin proverb says 'The eagle does not hunt for flies'. Somebody also said that losers are those who are so scared of failure that they don't even try. I don't want to be a looser. I have already achieved a couple of things in my list as the initial list was put together a few years back. It has been increasing in size ever since. I also had to remove a few from the list, the most recent being 'watching Michael Jackson in concert'. At this point of time, this is how my list looks like.

1 Visit the Serengeti
2 Visit the Galapagos
3 See the Pyramids
4 Visit the Valley of Flowers (DONE)
5 Take a cruise to the Caribbean
6 See the birds of paradise in their natural habitat
7 River trip in the Amazon
8 Watch the Northern lights, Aurora
9 Spend a week in the desert - Rajasthan ? (DONE)
10 Visit Vienna
11 Ride along the highest motorable road @ Ladakh
12 Visit all states in the country
13 Climb the Himalayas beyond 6000 meters
14 Do a beach trek with my kids
15 Chase the monsoon from Cochin to Chirapunji
16 Fall in love & marry the girl
17 Learn to bake bread
18 Live in a farm with own food and power sources
19 Build a natural home
20 Own three Dogs - Spot, Cleo and Dude
21 Create a food forest
22 Create a wild Flowers garden
23 Build a tree house
24 Draw a mural on the wall at home
25 Get a telescope, locate the planets
26 Get a tattoo
27 Observe silence for a week
28 Make love on a running train
29 Make love in the rain
30 Take part in the Kumbhmela
31 Fly in a hot air balloon - African Safari?
32 Watch the Milky Way from a hilltop in the night (DONE)
33 Spot a tiger in the wild
34 Watch a movie all alone in the theater
35 Do snorkeling/ SCUBA diving
36 Participate and complete a Marathon
37 Learn Salsa
38 Resume painting/collage, make 3 a year
39 Build a home for someone in need
40 Read a whole book to someone who likes to listen
41 Watch a symphony orchestra performing
42 Own a Tama/Pearl drum set
43 Learn to play the Guitar properly
44 Compose a song, sing & play with friends & family

Whatever you ardently desire,
Sincerely believe in,
Vividly imagine, and
Enthusiastically act upon,
Must inevitably come to pass.

- Sybil Leek, Diary of a Witch

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Unknown said...

friend, most of them are mine too... spcly River trip in the Amazon etc... :)
Hope can make it together, sometimes...

attiDuDe said...

@ Jayan:
Great!! I am sure I am gonna make it someday !! :)

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