Homosexuality - the next stage of evolution ?

Why is there still such a hue and cry about gays and lesbians? I was surprised to realize that even now the vast majority think that homosexuality is a medical condition that can be cured by treatment or counseling!! How long will it take for these morons to understand the fact that it is a biological phenomenon just like some people are born left handed while others right handed? Its all about the wiring in one's brain and we have not yet achieved the technological sophistication to even understand brain configuration, forget meddling with it.

I personally feel this is all part of the evolutionary process - homosexuality might just be the next stage in human evolution.

But why? This is why - For ages nature used to control the process of evolution, ensuring that the ecological balance is maintained at a healthy level, all the time. Accordingly, organisms used to adapt themselves to situations and surroundings, undergoing changes and developing adaptations on the way. But once homo sapiens came into being, by virtue of their large brains and the resulting consciousness they started to interfere with the natural process of evolution. We considered ourselves the masters of the earth and the only worthy inhabitants here. Without showing even the slightest respect to the natural process of evolution, we started to multiply exponentially, upsetting the cardinal rule - 'survival of the fittest'. We also started to modify the environment around us to suit us, while every other organism changed themselves to suit the environment. We became a plague that spread across the planet, plundering all that was found on the way, threatening the existence of all other living things and the life of the planet itself.

We got so much out of control that Nature had no choice but to interfere. It was too dangerous to let us multiply like this; something had to be done. Detaching the sexual urge from the individual is too costly a proposition as life itself survives on many a byproducts of this urge. A smart solution obviously is to change the orientation of this urge. If there is a way to allow organisms to have satisfactory sexual relations without procreation, the problem of overpopulation can easily be solved. We tried it with condoms and contraceptives, but Nature did it more effectively with a little re-orientation and re-wiring. I don't see a better explanation for the ever increasing number of gays and lesbians. I don't think all of them were hiding in their closets for fear of persecution.

I feel this is probably not the next 'logical' stage of evolution as procreation is what drives it; but this was the need of the hour. Had we not multiplied uncontrollably and not tampered with the natural process of selection, sexual orientation would not have been a key differentiator in the next stage of evolution. As evolution is mostly guided by the demands of the environment at any given point of time, it is in fact logical to think this was a smart solution; at least an effective stop-gap arrangement of sorts. If we had allowed Nature to take its own course, primary focus of the next stages of evolution would have been better body design or even larger brains.

All I mean to say is that homosexuality can be an adaptation, one acquired or imposed on us to counter some of the imbalances we ourselves created in this planet. Just like none of the evolutionary changes are without advantages, this one also probably serves a bigger purpose. And there is no point in calling it 'unnatural' or 'unethical' or any of that crap.


Anonymous said...

Excellent thoughts! I too welcome your argument. We should learn to accept people for what they are with no discrimination. I salute you!

attiDuDe said...

Thank you!

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