Waiting for her return..

She promised me the moon, she promised me the sun
she promised even the stars, if I ever care to own

She promised me spring, autumn and winter
will all be the same for us, so will be summer

She said our life and love will survive
all that's there to suffer, surpass and be alive

She saw laughter and rainbows day after day
as long as we stood up and made our way

She was the centre of my life, my world
the one I created with dreams, now so old

She kept me afloat above the raging winds
Upbeat and buoyant, away from the doubting minds

My hopes rested on her and my head in her arms
knowing I'll be safe from all the chaos and the qualms

But why did she go leaving me alone with my dreams
shattered and broken, with a mind echoing dreadful screams

With her by my side I was prince charming
How soon fortunes change, its quite alarming

The sky which once was intact and blue
now looks scattered, mended with glue

But what will I do with a broken heart
I know of no magic or a replacement part

Colors they fade, faces they age
what about memories; to ignore them I am no sage

Every place, every face; every word and every deed
reminds me of her, us, and it is hard indeed

Moments feel like ages, never knew they hurt
choking you with emptiness, fear and regret

I can only wait for her to come back
hoping I hold ground and don't hit the sack

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