Baba gone Bad...

Baba Ramdev has gone nuts. All that yoga he used to dish out so graciously across numerous television channels couldn't help hammer some common sense into his otherwise empty head. He thinks homosexuality is a curable disease and based on his opinion he wants the law of the country to be rewritten. Celebrities and politicians have strange whims and fancies these days!!

According to him sex between the same gender is not 'natural'. So what is natural? Sex between opposite genders? If we go by that argument, abstaining from sex is equally unnatural, because procreation is the primary objective of any living thing, you like it or not. So when he himself is showing what he calls 'deviant behavior' by observing celibacy (even though this is an assumption!!), how the hell can he argue that homosexuals are going against nature?

Again, how do we classify something as natural or unnatural? I know that if you can find some behavior across different animal species, you can call it natural. But if we start defining 'unnatural' by the same yardstick, even 'Yoga' and 'religion' will end up in that basket as I haven't heard of a theist animal or one who does yoga!! It is a well documented fact that even some animals express homosexual behavior and extending the previous argument makes homosexuality quite natural.

The most misunderstood thing about homosexuality is perhaps the motive. Like baba, most of us still think that 'sex' is the motive behind homosexuality. This goes well with our standard degradation of love to the level of lust. Sex is not the only reason behind love; it is probably the epitome of love when two people become one, but definitely not a replacement of love. I think the same rules should apply for homosexual relationships as well. People like baba Ramdev looks only at the 'sex' element of the relation and carefully ignores the 'love' part of it. He portrays them as sexual perverts whose only intention is to have 'deviant' sex with individuals of the same gender. Now, how funny an argument is that?

I understand the capabilities of Yoga in controlling your body and bringing some discipline to life. But mastery in yoga is no excuse to deject science. It has been proved time and again that homosexuality is an additional feature with which some limited edition human beings are 'made', while the standard models lack them. It is not a biological disorder that can be corrected by medicine or therapy. I should probably say that there is nothing that "needs to be" corrected, nothing is wrong with them !!

I thought a court of law accepts a petition after looking at the subject matter and applying some common sense to the arguments discussed. Now I seriously doubt that. We will see whether the court will order all homosexuals in the country to report to baba Ramdev to get their cure. Does the situation reminds anyone of X-Men: The Last Stand..? Where is Magneto?

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