Fear Sellllsss..

I am a big sucker of anything related to the paranormal, the extraterrestrial or in short everything that falls in the category of 'the unexplained'. I always dig for interesting stuff to read, podcasts, event reports etc. Its interesting at times to see some of the marketing tricks employed by people to make money.

I found two kinds of people out there, people who are directly related to these so called mysteries - those like Prophet Yahweh who can allegedly summon the UFOs, Billy Miere, who regularly communicate with the interplanetary beings and so on. Then there is this other group of people who have made a career around these mysteries and mystery men - either supporting or denying these phenomena, or in simple English, doing research. But one thing is common - all of them got something to sell and most of the times the unique selling proposition of their product is the 'fear' generated by their research and theories..!!

I understand people wanting to share with the world the 'uncommon' knowledge they gather from these 'unusual' sources and experiences. I appreciate when they tell us that they have been warned by these "supra-intelligent" extraterrestrials about an imminent third world war.. I get amused when somebody explain about the Illuminati plot to take control over the entire world. But more than explanations, all these theories and phenomena are available as 'products' through the proponents' websites. But more than the curiosity of the subject, its the fear factor that brings in the sales. Consider these... Author of a book called 'Maya', which talks about some secret code which is a part of ancient knowledge, tries telling people how important it is to get hold of his book as soon as possible, to save the world and themselves.. An expert in remote viewing who can foresee a meteor hitting the earth few years from now, packages the info in a DVD and sells it (it even includes a 'list of safest places to be' to escape the effect of the impact).. A proponent of the reptilian conspiracy talks about the reptilians that live amongst us (in the disguise of humans) and the ways you can identify and avoid them in his book. If sex sells, fear selllllsss...!!!

Who wouldn't want to escape the great catastrophe.. who wouldn't want to know what to do when the reptilians start the carnage or when the aliens finally arrive? This is not a new trick .. its been successfully used by many for ages, the best example would be our religious leaders. Fear has always been the best weapon for them to keep the herd with them.. irrespective of the religion. An angry God is the last person anybody wants in their life. Thanks religion for teaching us that HE can be kept happy by bowing before the Pontiffs and priests and paying a decent donation to the congregation...!!

I am getting weird ideas now, for making some quick dough. Let the imagination fly..get abducted by aliens/meet a shape shifting reptilian/establish contact with a ghost.. tell the story to the world.. get a book deal and even a movie deal if the story is colorful enough.. get invited for lectures all over the world.. and obviously appearance in radio and TV shows.

In short, make lot of money and lead an interesting life..!!

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