My Experiences with Ruth - 1

So we walk up to this place and sit down to eat.
I try to make meaningful conversation.
And meaningful it turned out to be!

Ruth: Are you alright sweetheart?
Me: I think so, pumpkin.
(yes.. pumpkin, the most romantic of all fruits!)

Ruth: Making others happy makes me happy.
Me: Fried chicken makes me happy.
(so thoughtful and profound..)

Ruth: I don't get sleep when I am either too sad or too happy.
Me: I don't get sleep when it's too hot or when there are mosquitoes.
(she quivers a bit, but sits through the dinner)

Moral of the story - My brain and mouth cannot work sensibly at the same time.

1 comment:

Rob said...

:) What do i say but LOL. You're turning pro mate. Turning pro.

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