What men talk..

What men talk is not as exciting a topic as what women want or the hole in the ozone layer. In fact it is weird to the extend of making sense only to bedbugs and other jobless men. Below are few presentable excerpts from conversations between members of this species.

Religion, Evolution and the Wife
And coming to the point, congregations are the best way to control.. unlike the common belief that individuals are easy to control than a crowd. Like molecules/atoms balancing each other in an equilibrium.. the various conflicts cancel out each other perhaps...
- You mean to say religion was invented as a control mechanism?
what else..? size was the only differentiating advantage groups had in the past.. right? Religion was a perfect tool to keep people united and thus benefit from the 'grouping'.. by keeping enemies at bay. Religion was in fact made to make this togetherness happen with the God/fear/safety/protection mix...its actually this evolutionary advantage that religion provides.. that made it such a successful 'pathogen' which was happily carried forward thru generations by the 'Carriers'. Else with all its stupidity and baselessness.. it would have collapsed long back.. survival was a valid reason to keep it alive..

- what happened to the rational thinking of people then ?
Emotion and urgency always get preference over rationality..another evolutionary programming. As an animal when you hear a sound, its always better to run, than thinking whether its a branch cracking or a predator. That is why rational thinking is not the 'norm' but a deviation...
- Its a complicated world out there.. my liberal ideas are coming in constant clash with my wife's :)
I can very well imagine.. :) Well, you might think 'why isn't she thinking my way, isn't it simple & more logical' and all that. it IS NOT! Comprehending simple, straightforward logic is the hardest thing.. twisted logic appeals to you more because your mind shuts down after the first few lines due to complexity, and decide.. 'what is complex must be true'
- precisely... any way, don't tell I haven't warned you :)

God and the QWERTY key board
And mind you ... its "vOcabulary".... not "vAcabulary"
- Well the A and O are far apart on my Keyboard you see ;)
That's precisely why you don't have both the hands from the same shoulder... God created us with the QWERTY keyboard in mind. He was indeed a visionary. Anyway.. good talking to you dude... rarely I find people who can understand both 'English' and 'humor'
- Well, do u expect the same compliment from me
I tried.. with that second sentence.. Now can you help saying nothing?...like 'rolling stone gathers no moss'.. or something...
- May your tribe multiply and divide!

Roaches & the essence of life
I don't hate cockroaches.. we generally coexist without problems.. they are kind of cute.
- Ya I know.. its a nice feeling to realize that you are not alone within the four walls !! Rare situations where you see how all life is the same life.
All life is not the same, but there are moments when you realize whether its 3 legged or 2 legged or 8 legged, living / nonliving is the real differentiators. Then you get into a higher state (of consciousness perhaps) where life itself is not an issue.. existence / nonexistence will become the differentiators then. The first stage psychologists call 'Delusional' - where you consider cockroaches equal to humans.. the second stage they call 'madness' when you think stones equal human beings in value :)
- Life by all means is equal, but the approach to your own and others-not-necessarily-human is the difference .. it's ones own perspective and view .. life has but two variations ..MINE and OTHERS

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Unknown said...

yes agree life always has 2 variations MINE N THE OTHERS

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