A new year..

All the wrong paths I took, at life's every turn
Indeed were roads to you

All the dreams I saw, in sleep and my wakefulness
were indeed shadows of you

All the pain I ever felt, in the heart and in my soul
were beckoning calls to you

Stand with me, let's sail the world
Stopping, gazing and wondering, not just growing old

What is life worth, if all you do is waste it
Leave it for the whims of the crowd and not taste it

By hook or by crook we're gonna make it


Anonymous said...

The picture is a perfect companion to your affectionate words.

Anonymous said...

What inspired you to write this? Just curious.

Poetry is harder to write than one would think!

attiDuDe said...

Have a feeling that 2010 would be a fabulous year... don't know why.

Thought its good to have plans and hopes and expectations as we start the new year !

Didn't really want to write a poem as I know I am not good at it :)

Anonymous said...

Good for you! I thought it was quite lovely and I think you are a fine poet.

As I said previously, this year is going to be special. I can feel it.

As for finding love, it will happen...and maybe sooner than you think :)

Also, be sure to write lots of poetry to that special person, whomever it might be.

attiDuDe said...

Thanks much Daria! Am pretty excited about 2010 already :)

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