I see roaches.. dead roaches !

I grew an year older about two weeks back. It all happened overnight that I didn't even realize. It is a little unfair to wake up one morning and find yourself a tad older but no wiser. My friend called up at midnight to wish me, as if to remind me that she is the only one who remembers my birthday. To be frank, that was the only call I got that night. when I woke up in the morning everything looked the same. No star in the east, no magi with gifts, no welcome banners. Just the same shit, a different day! Don't know what the hell I was expecting anyway!

Thanks to Facebook and Orkut, there were a few more folks who were aware of the tragedy. Some chose to express their delight or disappointment with scraps like "Happy Birthday, how many more before you get married".A few others chose to use the phone, but the same sentiments essentially. It was a little awkward getting so much attention all on a sudden. I felt like Quasimodo who was made the 'pope of fools' and paraded across the streets of Notradame by the Truands. Some of the relatives were super-sensitive in wishing me, always appending the marriage question at the end. I don't know how birthday is related to marriage, but every one of them were adamant on educating me on the importance of the topic this very day.

For the first time I felt like I am doing a crime by staying bachelor on the wrong side of thirty. I am not sure whether people were simply jealous at my freedom or it was the genuine curiosity to see whether my kids look like monkeys once I procreate. Either way, I realized that I am not the only one who is worried about my life and well being. The thought was uncomfortable in some strange way. Whenever someone lectures me on the evils of late marriage, I used to quote the example of my own parents, who had a late marriage but still managed to produce fine pieces like myself. But as we have differences off late on the usage of "fine" and me "in the same sentence, I refrain from quoting that excuse anymore.

But, jokes apart, I have started noticing some changes in life after this birthday. I now see roaches... dead roaches! Few days back when I woke up, I noticed a dead cockroach near my bed. As I walked to the hallway I found two more. There were three more in the kitchen. All of them were dead and strangely were lying on their back. Though I am not an expert on the dying rituals of cockroaches, I think it is reasonable to assume that all of them won't suddenly jump on their back and die. I hadn't used any bug killers and if they could survive on the food I prepare this long, I don't see a reason why they suddenly fall sick and die. I don't think roaches are stupid like us to commit suicide either.

Though I could attribute global warning and economy crisis as two possible causes, (pretty much applicable to anything these days, from earth quakes to ear infections) I see this rather as a sign from the heavens. It definitely has to be a reminder from the powers above (or below.. suit yourself) that I cannot take care of my kingdom and people all alone. I cannot even save poor roaches from dying. What better sign than dead roaches! And this happened once again yesterday which made my rational mind conclude that this is no foolish, random event.

I have a feeling that the rapture is near, or HE wants me married. Either way I am screwed!

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