Travel-log : The Dragon Lady

'She had eyes of the bluest skies as if they thought of rain.... Her hair reminded me of a warm safe place, Where as a child I'd hide, and pray for the thunder and the rain to quietly pass me by...'

She was busy playing with her iPod dial. I knew she would soon choose her song and shut out the rest of world with those earplugs. Quickly browsing through the archives of 'best introductions' I have heard or read about, I said "Hi".

She turned around, drowned me in a smile, and said "Oh...Hi"

Unable to bear the sparkle in her eyes, I had a gulp of water and asked "Are you going to Cochin?"

She said "Yes.. and you?". This time she did not take her eyes off the iPod.

I said "Me too"

'Now what'... I thought. 'I need to quickly start something to keep the conversation alive.. but what?'

Before my primitive 8086 processor could figure out a way, her dual core Pentium fired up and asked me "You mind switching seats, can I take the side seat?"

I said "Of course", as if that is the sole purpose of my otherwise pointless life on this planet.

She did not believe much in words, and showed her gratitude by putting on her headphones. All I saw for the rest of the journey was the hair clip on the back of her head.

It was black, with a dragon's picture carved in red. The dragon had a sarcastic smile!


Subhasish Ashe said...

This is a "heart touching" real story and I presume why she didn't gossip with such a wonderful person.

Perhaps she was unlucky & missed a good co-passenger who could have mesmerised her by his magical BOLI (i.e., words).

My Best Wishes for your next journey....

attiDuDe said...

Thanks Dude. It takes a while to let people know I am in fact human and not an animal! :)

Rob said...

:) Friend my friend. C'est la vie.

Kavitha said...

Well-written post...neat and crisp!

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