Onam is always very special for me. I never enjoy a festival more than I does Onam. There is so much of energy in everything associated with this festival and that has created so many beautiful moments in my life, which I would hang in the front room of my memory like a painting...for ever. There is so much of color in it.. a little bit of everything.. a little bit for everybody...!!

I do miss Onam this year. I am away from home, not doing anything special this day..except from probably wearing a kurta which was lying folded in the cupboard for looong. That is not how I wanted it.. but at times you get bogged down by responsibilities and forced to do things which you won't otherwise. That's life... that's what makes life so hard to follow and predict...!!

I miss all the running around in the morning to collect flowers.. I miss sitting down on the ground and arranging those flowers into great looking floral decorations.. I miss the company of all the kids in the neighbourhood.. I miss the energy in the air.. I miss the awesome lunch... I miss the games that we used to play... I miss the fun we all had together... I miss everything about it.

I will be home next year to experience all this.. get back to Onam mood again and enjoy those beautiful moments. Till then I have to be happy reading all the SMSes and mails, and saying "Happy Onam" over phone to people whom I don't even care! The only consolation is all those beautiful girls who are walking around in their special Onam attire. There is some simplicity about the white sari that has always captivated me... elegant and gorgeous!! Yep, something is always better than nothing... though nothing is at times better than nonsense!!

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