Money matters. Really ?

I have heard a lot on how money changes people, the excess or lack of it always result in interesting twists. But this is not true always... there are people who does not change a bit, even with truckloads of money with them(literally..!!) and the reason at times is not knowing what to do with the money. Having money and not knowing what to do with it? Difficult for you and me to believe.. but listen to this story!

Real estate price movements are so unpredictable these days and it can make people rich or poor in a matter of days. Something like this is the key theme in our story too. A Lambada family living about 40 kilometers outside the city limits, had about 5 acres of land with them, where they cultivated potatoes and some pulses. Nobody ever cared about them or their land, till an upcoming international airport and few software parks in the vicinity raised the land prices to new heights. The family was not very interested in selling off their only source of living... but as the story goes, one businessman who was so interested in having some property there, hiked up the prices to a level where the family couldn't deny.

The deal was struck at the rate of rupees one crore per acre, for 3 acres. The agreement for the land transfer was signed by the head of the family (lets call him 'Bingo'). The businessman (lets call him 'Chomu') promptly handed over 50 lakhs in advance... all in thousand rupee notes. But Bingo had other plans.. he insisted that he should be paid in hundred rupee notes.. he had never used anything bigger than hundred rupees, and was not quite sure how to deal with the five-hundreds and thousands. In addition, he mentioned that the rest of the 2.5 crores should also be paid in Rs.100 notes. Chomu had to run around to multiple banks and places to arrange the 2.5 crores in hundreds. Finally the day of the final transaction came and he brought the money to the land registration office, packed inside a 'Toyota Qualis'. All the documentation and formalities were completed and it was time to hand over the money.

Bingo was alarmed to see the huge amount of money stacked inside the vehicle... and was perplexed on how to carry the money home. So he asked Chomu .."How much does that vehicle of yours cost..? Why don't you discount that money from the bundle and give me the vehicle with the money..?". Chomu had no option but to nod his head in agreement. Bingo was happy, but a problem persisted - Bingo did not know how to drive..!! He asked Chomu again "Why don't you drive the vehicle to my home, leave it there and go..?". Another nod and few sighs later, Chomu and his friends drove the vehicle to Bingo's house, which was nothing but an old shack towards the corner of his land. Everybody was surprised to see where and how this man who just collected 2.5 crores hard cash in hand, lived. But this shock was not good enough to prepare them for the bigger one they were about to receive..!!

As soon as all of them got out of the vehicle and shook hands, Bingo called out for some of his friends from the neighboring houses. Four young men came out and had a quick chat with Bingo. They walked into the field towards a hay stack and what happened next was unimaginable. They took the hay out of the haystack and started covering the 'Toyota Qualis', and in a matter of few minutes the whole hay stack was transferred from the field to the open space in front of Bingo's house... the only difference was that it had a Toyota Qualis under it.. with Rs. 2.5 Crores inside!!

I don't want to write anything more on this... enough is enough...!!

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