Is there a 'Saint Blogo'?

Is there a patron saint of bloggers? Is there a full fledged department in heaven that deals with the problems of bloggers? I have off late started to believe that is the case. Their job is to help the bloggers keep blogging through thick and thin, by ensuring that there is no dearth of subjects to blog about. So they liaison with other departments up above, the saints in charge of Law and Order, the ones in-charge of animal behavior and so on, to create necessary situations down below, to keep the bloggers motivated and inspired.

This is no bogus claim, nor is it based on some audience I had with a voice behind the burning bush. I made this assumption based on some reasonable data, a statistically significant sample to be precise! Though I am not a compulsive blogger, I try to write something or other everyday on sheets of paper or a notepad. Most of the stuff are a line or two long and remain so without being revisited ever again. A few of them gain critical mass over a period of time and I post some of them as blogs. But one thing I noticed is that I never ran out of topics to write about. Whenever I approach a kind of roadblock, something will definitely happen around, providing me an interesting story. How else will you explain the following if there isn't a bunch of dedicated souls
working behind it all?

I started writing about the confusions in my life just because I had nothing better to write about. By the look of it now, I think I will need at least 10 blog posts to accommodate all of that. Probably I underestimated the extend of my confusions or else somebody deliberately brought all of them to memory, one after the other. When I went outside the other day for a walk, I had no idea that I will write about such a silly thing. But then the cockroach-eating rat, the marching toads and the policeman made it an interesting walk after all. And why will I write about a person whom I see and smile at everyday morning? Only because his playlist had a bunch of songs I recognized and he picked up a flower every morning from the pavement.

If that's not proof enough, why will a brown headed Barbet decide to get electrocuted and fall in front of me, spend a day at my room to recuperate, wait till the evening to say goodbye and then fly away? If people can believe that a certain someone controls the snakes, another one is in charge of disease germs and a third one decides who lives how long, then I think I have a valid argument for 'Saint Blogo'.

Should be one of those young internet savvy guys who invented the chain mail prayers, which talk about how a certain Miss Mary Jane finally got pregnant, after she forwarded it to 100 people.

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