I, Me, Myself..

I always write about people and things around me and make fun of them, in an effective attempt to make myself comfortable amidst all the silly & stupid things I do all the time. It at times also help to learn at somebody else's expense - learning from own mistakes is advisable, but learning from others' is less costly.. rite..? That's probably why we should listen more to what the elders say - not necessarily because they are right.. but chances are that they might have made lots of mistakes already.

I very well know that I am more horrible and stupid than most people I see around... making 'me' a pretty pointless topic to write about. But some of the great stories are written about such characters.. so what's the harm in trying? Excess amount of exxxagerrration and flattttering regretted...!!

I would call myself the patron saint of all those who believe in "Do-it-tomorrow-if at all-possible".. a 'lazy bum' in short. I feel the world can learn a lot more from me on how to push things to tomorrow and then to 'tommoorrooww' and probably one more day after that. I always end up in trouble because of this.. ultimately escaping unscathed most of the times, only because HE seems to have a liking to my way of doing things. (Alternate explanations like 'I am surrounded by dumber people' are plausible but not entertained due to fear of legal action) I am a firm follower of the 'If its yellow, let it mellow.. if its brown, flush it down' philosophy, as put forward by Dustin Hoffman in 'Meet The Fockers'. Why do something today, when you can always do it tomorrow? The coffee & dessert may not taste so good tomorrow, always have them today... everything else can wait!

This new year - like the last four new years - I took a resolution to bring in some financial discipline into my life. The ambition was pretty modest, start borrowing money from the third week of the month instead of the 'usual' second week. And this year - like the last four years - I successfully broke the resolution. So does that mean that I know how to 'use' my money effectively while others generally keep it in their bank, only to loan to people like me? Smart argument.. right? In fact my existence is totally dependent on these 'feel-good' settings I create.

Before the scales dip towards labeling me 'Idiot of the century' or so, let me tell you there are few (ok.. about 1 or 2) good things about me. I can act busyness to perfection (seriously).. I do that all the time. Some people at office used to think that I am some important guy who is always busy with work or conference calls... till 'Pandora' stopped offering its music to people outside the US. But that was for a very short time.. about 4 days, till I got used to 'Playlist'. I attributed the lull to technical issues.. that almost covered it.

I come to office eaaarly in the morning, and people appreciate me for my commitment to job. I haven't really bothered to tell everyone that breakfast at office canteen is cheaper. They also see me leaving office pretty late in the evening.. and if thats not commitment, nothing is. But do they know that my apartment (I call it apartment, my landlord calls it 'garage'.. how unromantic!) isn't air conditioned, I don't get free coffee there and English Premier League matches are only on Wednesdays and weekends...? Taking uninformed decisions is not my problem.. is it..?

Enough of self-bashing or self-adoration for one day. Its always good to learn at someone else's expense..

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