Holy Smoke !

Somebody rightly said that all good things in life are either illegal, married or harmful to health.

Smoke pot and get protected by law..? Sounds little Utopian...right..? But don't dismiss the thought before you read this. "We use cannabis religiously and you can, too.".. this is the punch line for "THC-Ministry" aka The Hawaii Cannabis Ministry, a religious sect that is 'based on ancient wisdom, modern science and the enlightening and healing properties of cannabis sacrament.'

In their opinion, cannabis or Marijuana is the original sacrament of Hebrew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Shinto, Buddhist, Rasta and more, and fulfills the prophesies to 'feed all our hungers'! Interesting..eh? They are closely related to the 'Ras Tafari' movement of the Africa. According to them, cultivating and smoking Marijuana is a part of their religious rituals. They are even protected by law under the 'Freedom of Religion' act in most of the US states!

The story does not end here. Once you join them by filling up a small form and requesting a 'Sanctuary Kit', you will be send necessary Identity cards and legal documents that gives you protection of the law. The identity card proclaims that the cannabis sacrament is MANDATORY in the religion for spiritual receptivity and unity, for healing of the body and the like. You are also provided signs to protect your garden and house against law enforcers. With these documents in possession, you cannot be arrested for either growing or smoking pot.The THC Ministry traces back the usage of Cannabis (as the 'anointment oil' ) to the times of Jesus and claims that it was a major ingredient in this oil. So if Jesus and his disciples used them to heal (and god knows for what else), how can we prevent somebody from using it now..?

Statutory Warning: Whatever you do, wherever you join, cultivating and smoking pot is an offense according to Indian laws (or lack of them)... of course unless you are ready to share the 'spiritual wisdom' you earn with the 'needy'!

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