Do not Disturb... already disturbed

The biggest fortune anyone can have in their life is to have someone around you, with whom you can be yourself. When you are tired of everyday drama, it is always good to unwind and being yourself for at least sometime... the moments when you no more have to wear a three-piece attitude, which is politicaly correct and pleasing for the majority. You put on so many different roles in life, that it is possible to look in the mirror one day and see somebody else, not you. The real you is lost in transit.. life slowly pushes it back into some dark corner of your mind, only to reappear with vengeance when you lower your guard for a while.

So to maintain a reasonable level of sanity in life, its important that you be yourself at least for a short while every now and then. You had that imaginary friend of yours as a kid, like Hobbes for Calvin, with whom you made plans to attack and destroy the demons behind the fence. Then you had some real friends at school with whom you shared all the secrets - the first crush, the first puff and what not. But as you grow up and your so called 'personality' 'develop', you realize that people grow apart from each other, keeping distances not to hurt the inflated egos. Like the 'Logical Song', 'then they sent me away to teach me how to be sensible, logical, clinical, intellectual & cynical.. to make me acceptable, respectable, flexible & presentable'.

You always need a sounding board, a grip on reality when you build those virtual world of ideals all around you. Someone to remind you that you crossed the boundaries of sanity or you are way off the mark in your assumptions. You find that someone as you go along, somebody who understands you better than yourself, somebody whom you can trust with everything.

Once you lose that reference point, life becomes a fumble in the darkness. Everything you do, everything you dream, then becomes a crude reflection of impossibility. You hit a roadblock, everything becomes a burden all on a sudden.

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